20 Nov Listening @ The Loft

Lancaster is magical in so many ways. After a few long days, including our first official event, I was ready to sit and read The Week, catch up on the world at large and sip some tea. However, Saturday evening had other plans for me. Around 2...

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03 Nov I Remember Smiling

By Canyon Fredrickson Sometimes people welcome me home when they bump into me in Lancaster.  The first time it happened, I was amused.  When it happened again, I was touched. All amusement aside though, lately Lancaster has been feeling like a home to me...

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04 Oct A New Home

By Matt Wheeler I come from a land that is largely rural, where cornfields & Amish farms dominate the landscape, and you may happen upon a city occasionally.  But I don't come from Lancaster County - rather, I was born and raised in northern Indiana, on the outskirts...

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