10 Feb Date Yourself

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and before you roll your eyes or immediately picture cheaply made stuffed animals holding hearts inscribed with overused terms of endearment, hear me out.

There are lots of important things going on in the world right now–things that we need to pay attention to.  Things that we want to be involved with.  Things that make a difference.  While those things deserve our time and energy, we deserve our time and energy, too.  In fact, I would pose that devotion to self-care is most important as it allows us to build our strength, explore our truths, and find our paths.

So, check yourself if you think Valentine’s Day is all about flowers and conversation hearts.  Of course we should take opportunities to celebrate the ones we love, but maybe take this Valentine’s Day and celebrate you.  Show yourself some love.  Get yourself a fancy dinner.  Take yourself out to a movie.  Paint a picture for yourself and put it on your refrigerator.  Build yourself up so that you can be vibrant, passionate members of your community.  If you already have Feb. 14th plans, by all means–enjoy!  But make sure you mark a day on your calendar in the near future to DATE YOURSELF.

Photos by Nikki Weems // www.nikkiweems.com/ 

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