01 Aug Music In The Round: The Magic of the Allegro Orchestra

By Samantha St Clair

Lancaster is a city full of art, entertainment and personality. Among the colorful rush of life found in Lancaster, there are numerous performers, musicians and other creative talents. One such group of talents is the Allegro Chamber Orchestra of Lancaster.

“Allegro is all local. The musicians live in and want to give back to Lancaster County. I think it recognizes the pride Lancaster takes in how much it has to offer and wants to give directly back to a community that supports the arts so strongly,” Morgann Davis, a flute player and board member for Allegro commented.

Started by conductor Brian Norcross as a way to have a fun, joyful musical experience for both the musicians and the audience, Allegro has become what it was intended to be. Norcross wanted to bring down the barriers between the audience and performers, to make a light and happy environment for all. These barriers are most clearly brought down with Allegro’s “Music in the Round” concert series.

In the “Music in the Round” series, performers are circled by the audience. Everyone gets to be close to the musicians and can choose which instruments they want to be seated near. Before the concert, guests are given food and beverages and have plenty of time to mingle before the concert begins. The musicians and artistic director are present the entire night and love to speak with guests.

“All the musicians involved, and especially Brian Norcross do a wonderful job of connecting with the audience on a personal level.” Davis noted. Instead of the typical serious concert event, Allegro’s Music in the Round is more of a social event with quality music, food and hospitality. Those who attend an Allegro concert can see that everyone involved in Allegro – from musicians, to the director and volunteers, all love what the program promotes.

And what is that, exactly? Allegro seeks to inspire all generations with their music in order to keep classical, instrumental music alive and enjoyed by all. Music in Allegro’s concerts ranges from old favorites to music some may have never heard. When attending an Allegro event you never know what song may become your new favorite. Allegro changes up their concerts as well and the experience is never the same. At times there are brass concerts with exclusively brass instruments – loud and full of excitement. Other times the concerts are exclusively strings, beautiful and melodic. Regardless of the instrumentation, guests can expect to be fully entertained by talented musicians.

The musicians and director are not all that form Allegro. If you ever attend a concert you will be greeted by friendly volunteers and hosted with the utmost joy and care. In addition to volunteers, perhaps the most important component of Allegro are the guests. Everyone in the Allegro community loves new people, so if you’re not already a regular, you can expect to fit right in during your first attendance.

Aside from the Music in the Round Series, Allegro also hosts a youth series called Allegretto. In tune with their motivation to inspire people of all ages, Allegro’s youth orchestra allows the talented younger generation the opportunity to play their instruments for a professional organization. In addition to this, Allegro also has a Summer Concert Series, complete with the same quality of music you can expect from all of their other concerts.

If you have never been to an Allegro concert, try it. You’ll be hooked. Allegro concerts are held in the Ware Center in downtown Lancaster. Follow Allegro on Facebook and check their website for up to date information and to see concert dates so you can join the Allegro family.

Samantha St Clair was a former intern of the Allegro Orchestra. We’re proud to share her first article in its entirety. 


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