About Us

Who We Are

For Transplants, starting over in a new place provides unique challenges, especially as an adult. That’s where Lancaster Transplant comes in. We are the connection point and resource for new people in a new place. We build community creatively, share stories, go on adventures, and strive to nurture an open and welcoming culture.

We believe in building happier and healthy communities through connection to each other.

Our Mission

Our mission is to channel the energy that Transplants bring to their new home by connecting them with one another to share new perspectives, inspire fresh ideas, and have an opportunity to positively impact our communities.

Our Core Values

  • Embrace Weirdness: Create an open and welcoming community.
  • Think Creatively: Inspire others to explore what makes a healthy and happy community.
  • Tell the Tale: Share the stories of the places we go and the people we meet.
  • Connect the Dots: Bring people together and let the magic happen.
  • Adventure First: Begin each day with a new perspective.
  • Be the Spark: Welcome Newbies to their new home.

Our Story

What started as a blog has grown into so much more.

Founded in 2013, Lancaster Transplant was created as a platform to connect and share stories. Once we started sharing what it was like “not being from here,” we began to explore hosting events based upon that very concept. We’ve hosted mixers, hikes, collaborative art projects, and happy hours. Now here we are, a social enterprise, and a continually growing resource for those who need a place to start.

The simple notion of being a “Lancaster Transplant” has grown into a thriving and ever-growing community, created intentionally through innovative ideas and shared experiences.