23 Apr Chestnut Hill | Part One

By Nancy Keeler When most people first learn about neighborhoods in Lancaster city, they hear about Chestnut Hill. Not that I should be talking about Chestnut Hill first, because really Olde Town can be attributed as the beginning of Lancaster’s renaissance, but Chestnut Hill is a...

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14 Apr I Dare You To Be Different

Sometimes we’re different. Most of the time, when you’re a new person in a new place, you’re always different. You can cut your hair, you can buy new clothes, you can drastically alter your face, but you’re still the same person inside. Sorry, it’s true. No...

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07 Mar Some Time Away

A few weeks ago I accompanied my friend, Laurel, to Vermont. I’m always one for an adventure, although long car rides can be most undesirable. We packed our bags with long underwear and wool socks and set off to the frozen North. The map we...

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