22 Sep Today We Turn Two

Two years ago today, we set up in our friends’ backyard, made snacks and invited a few people to join us in launching this thing called Lancaster Transplant.

We’d like to share some of our favorite memories from the past two years with you and tell you a little bit about what our future holds:

Standing in the street in front of Aussie and the fox like lovebirds, holding our Transplant sign, preparing for our bi-annual mixer after sweating over setting everything up by ourselves, hoping someone would show up to eat all that good food and drink all that beeeeeeer and affirm our faith in building community by sharing stories.

My favorite moment is our Membership Launch at Thistle Finch and Wacker Brewing Co. It was the day that Transplant was reborn, in a way.

My favorite Lancaster Transplant moment was a recent event. Our August Collaborative Art Project brought people together for one simple task. The result was beautiful. All varieties of people and ages created individual water color panels, which eventually formed one unique and special display. Much like our city is vibrant, dynamic and formed from many individuals, each with a unique quality, our Art Project became one formidable entity.

It’s hard to decide what my favorite memory from the past two years has been. I can easily identify certain moments and instances where I got chills: There was the first time I shared my idea with Diane on the eve of her first Women’s Collective. There was the warm reception I received at our blog launch and that speech I gave that, to this day, I have still never watched the video from. Or perhaps the first Field Trip to the North Museum that formed lasting bonds and friendships. Maybe our January mixer, where DECA was turned into a magical place just for one evening. Or maybe the moment I sat at a table with two new team members as they described Transplant and what we’re all about. There was also that time I had to draw a business model in our Social Enterprise class with lots of smiley faces.

But if I comb through all of the things, the mistakes, the successes, the totally ridiculous, the moment that sticks out in my mind is when I realized we had something. Actually, this has even happened twice, so I’ll share those two moments with you:

On November 14th, 2013 we had our first Mixer. Annie, of Sunshine Art + Design, hosted us, eager to contribute to our idea and mission. At that time it was just Diane and me, she was the Socialite and I was the Founder. Diane transformed the space, I made magnets and got anxious. We opened the doors and they just came in. This nebulous, random idea of getting people together who are not from here and gathering for the first time, it was inspiring. 80 people joined us that evening, it was so packed I could barely see and I gave another speech where I still, to this day, have no idea what I said.

That evening, I knew this was a thing.

On Jun 18th, 2015 we launched our Membership program. I invited these cool cats, Small Room Collective, to make a stop along their travels and join us for a Mixer at Thistle Finch and Wacker Brewing Co. Our friends at both businesses, relationship we had cultivated through our work in the community, welcomed and supported us. People came out. People I had never met before had heard about us and came just to check out Transplant. I stood next to four team members that evening. I got so many grown people in our teepee, they couldn’t even argue with my reasoning and beckonings.

As the party was in full swing, I grabbed Di’s hand and pulled her behind this adorable airstream trailer and looked into her eyes. I’m sure there were sparks flying as I said, “What the hell have we done?!”

These moments stick out to me not only because they were amazing gatherings, but because the whole community came together those nights. They came together to love and support this idea and our vision. Those were the moments that this crazy journey felt real and was affirmed by the love and support of people who just…..got it.

Now as we move into our second year we have a membership program, where thirteen people have already committed to helping us grow. By the end of Fall, Transplant will have a physical home, a place where you can come and visit and experience that little bit of magic when you need it. We’re working on products that will make you feel good. We’re planning fantastic gatherings, workshops and partnerships with new communities throughout the city. We’ve launched pet initiatives, family initiatives and made people feel more at home. And we’re investing in the future of Lancaster, the Transplant movement and the happiness and health of our local and global communities.

But most of all, we’re investing in people like you, helping you feel more at home, loved, supported and part of something.

My friends, you make all this worth it, so thank you, from all of us to all of you.

Here’s to our future!

Now close your eyes….Diane wants you to picture this for our future space:

A welcome home sign. A map of our sweet little city with x’s marking secrets we want to share. A space which says come on in, learn something, share something, discover something and pay it forward.

Jocelyn, Diane, Michael, Shaun, Drew, Nikki and Dixie


Here are some of our favorite moments




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