07 Apr The Things That I Do Not know

Confession: In my life, more than once, I have been horribly, miserably, and undeniably wrong.  I have been completely off base.  I have misread, misinterpreted, and misinformed.  I have demonstrated idiocy, ignorance, and stupidity on championship levels.

I know.  You expected more.  But, that’s it.  That’s the truth.  I do not know everything.

Okay, okay.  Tongue no longer in cheek, here’s the real confession:  Like many of us, I struggle with saying these three words, “I don’t know.”  Recently, I’ve been thinking that a simple phrase like that can really hold us back.  There isn’t much that makes me feel more vulnerable than having to admit that I don’t know something.  I’m guessing that’s common for a lot of you reading this as well.  Perhaps it keeps you from putting yourself out there; from meeting new people; from achieving something you really want.

Well, as part of the Lancaster Transplant team, my mission is to help build our community through collaboration; and more specifically, in my role, through adventuring together.

In this series,
I hope you’ll be able to ride along vicariously on my adventure into, quite literally, the things that I do not know.

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