13 Feb New In Town

Being a new person in a new place can be daunting at times. There are so many reasons to move: love, employment, boredom, searching for a greater meaning, or just plain following your heart. I can’t tell you why you’ve ended up here, but I can tell you what it has been like for me, a new person in a new town a few times over.

I’ve lived as close to my hometown as a short car ride and as far away as the other side of the world. I’ve learned new climates, new languages and new cultures. I’ve cultivated a home in the most surprising of places; but it’s never been easy.

I’d like to share my experiences with you, the things that have kept me moving, helped me settle and my ideas of what makes me happy as a new person in a new town. I’d like to share my struggles, my small comforts and my successes.

Let’s be Transplants together.

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