26 Feb Collaboration is an Artform

Last night we hosted our first workshop. 

On the floor of Sunshine Art + Design gathered creative minds and souls.  The idea of the evening was to inspire the attendees to consider Lancaster and the ways in which we can make beautiful, collaborative artwork together. Diane walked us through some spectacular examples of public art: Painted Favelas, guerilla gardening, Philly murals, these are just a few examples of art people are making in the world.

After a brainstorming session, everyone gathered around a blank canvas to create. Paint brushes swirled tentatively at first, but as the group moved clockwise, picking up where their neighbor had left off, a larger picture began to emerge. As we stood to admire the group’s handiwork, the individual pieces melted into the larger whole, some even forgetting where they had started.

Through this workshop the seeds were planted for the next collaborative piece. Thank you to everyone who participated, new and old faces alike.

We’re interested in hearing your ideas for public art in Lancaster. Email us with your thoughts.


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