10 Nov Punk Rock Flea Market

Saturday I had the pleasure of attending Lancaster’s first Punk Rock Flea Market. Now I admit, I was skeptical at first. I had attended Philly’s infamous Punk Rock Flea Market, hosted by R5 productions and housed in an insanely large warehouse with many vendors and hundreds of people. Wonderful, but crowded, loud, and vendors appeared redundant.

But the organizers of Lancaster’s PRFM(if you will) pulled off an excellent event, perfect for searching for various knickknacks, one-of-a-kinds, original artwork, music, and cat-lover paraphernalia. Spread over three floors, including the upstairs mezzanine, it made the Chameleon Club the perfect venue. Dark and dubious, I’ve been to many a show at the Chameleon and appreciate its certain charm. Its nooks and crannies that are otherwise filled with dark and brooding characters, lit up in a display of creativity and fondness for all things, well, eccentric.

I pulled off purchasing a fantastic bat necklace, after inquiries of horse-related jewelry, a cat purse that’s the envy of Ruby St., and some original artwork for $5 a piece.

So many amazing vendors, such a good time. Jeff and Steve of FUBAR press, both Transplants to Lancaster, set up their zombie-apocalyptic stand to showcase their publications. Rose Nutter, one of the organizers of the PRFM, had a combined stand filled with various wares and paired with her neighbor’s charming display of vintage Christmas decorations. Rose’s table had a magical set of three trays, each featuring a rearing unicorn with a landscape, completed with a rainbow. I left them, for the sake of the other Unicorn lovers.

However, I did find some majestic postcards of horses to giggle over.

Kathy sold her yarn, with foresight to create starter packs, aka, perfect Christmas presents. Local artists displayed their work, from line drawings to tattoo-inspired art, original sketches to ceramics. My personal favorite was a ceramic, mounted jackalope head.

I’d say it was a complete success, thumbs-up, well done, can’t wait for next year.

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