05 Sep Welcome to Lancaster, Transplant.

My courtship of Lancaster began over a year ago. Dating a local offered me the opportunity to make the drive out every weekend. Every Saturday we would walk the stalls at Market, get harassed while sipping cider and finish the day off with Carmen & Davids. LOTS of Carmen & David’s… Evenings were spent watching local bands at the American Bar and Grill, ABaG for short. Sunday would usher in a long drive home, a weighty sadness to leave such a wonderful place.

As the months went on, I started to gauge my drive by farms and animals, rejoicing when I had less than 30 minutes until I entered Downtown, as per the location of the brown and tan mules. At some point I decided this was silly, I was in love with the boy and the town, so it’d be nice just to stay here for awhile.

A year later, I am still here. I’ve had 3 jobs, 2 moves and saw the end of a relationship. Music, arts, culture, connections and conversations. Lancaster is a microcosm of all the wonderful aspects of life, a place where anything is possible. There was never a better time to live in such a place.

This blog is intended to do a few things:

One, provide the perspective of Transplants in Lancaster, those of us who find it new and exciting. Those of us who see potential, the bursting of arts and creativity, community and awareness. Those of us who would like to tell our stories and share our passions.

Two, create a community, filled with Transplants and Locals. To have adventures together, mingle and create together. Too often I hear Transplants speak of how hard it is to break into the Lancaster Community. It’s time to create a community of our own, to feel welcome in our new home.

Three, provide you with happiness, entertainment and information. Over the next few months we’ll feature stories of traveling musicians, showcase artists, tell stories of Transplants, create a resource for great drinks, eats and entertainment, and provide a space for bike enthusiasts, like me, to share information.

So please join me in celebrating Lancaster, PA, all it has to offer and all the amazing people who make it so. I hope that you find this blog interesting, useful, entertaining and beautiful. I hope that you feel at home.

With this I say, “Here we go, there’s no going back, just keep on, keepin’ on…


“I’ll see you at Market.”

  • Donna Park
    Posted at 00:12h, 11 September Reply

    Love that you are so happy that you want to share with others!

    • jocelynpark
      Posted at 13:47h, 24 September Reply

      So happy to have you! Thanks, Mom 🙂

  • Melissa
    Posted at 18:38h, 22 September Reply

    Awesome! I’m not a transplant, but I totally understand how/why it would be hard to break into the Lancaster community. Props for creating a community of your own! Lancaster IS an amazing place. Thanks for moving here and making it more awesome still!

    • jocelynpark
      Posted at 13:43h, 24 September Reply

      Thanks Melissa! I’m looking forward to having you as part of the community!

    • Tim Lehman
      Posted at 11:46h, 01 June Reply

      Thank-you, Melissa, for your welcoming and warm reply. You, as a local, could possibly take offense at the many “difficulty in breaking into the Lancaster community” comments. Rather, you acknowledge the reality and instead take the first step of welcoming the transplant community.

  • Annah Darling
    Posted at 19:33h, 22 September Reply

    LOVE your ideas and heartfelt story-telling. Very excited to see this project take off!

    • jocelynpark
      Posted at 13:44h, 24 September Reply

      LOVE is what it’s all about! Thank you for your support, Annah! <3

  • Laurel
    Posted at 19:44h, 22 September Reply

    I love this and I love you! Lancaster is lucky to have ya, mwah (kissy face) .

    • jocelynpark
      Posted at 13:45h, 24 September Reply

      And I, love you!!!! Thanks for your love and support, Laurel.

  • Karen Loftus
    Posted at 13:47h, 25 September Reply


  • Matthew
    Posted at 14:58h, 25 September Reply

    From one transplant to another. Glad we are here. See you soon.

  • phoebe
    Posted at 00:56h, 26 September Reply

    yes, see you at market! love your start

    • jocelynpark
      Posted at 14:28h, 26 September Reply

      Thanks Phoebe, looking forward to meeting you and have you as part of the community!

  • Melissa
    Posted at 00:20h, 27 September Reply

    I moved here 2 years ago from Philly. Looking forward to reading your posts!

    • jocelynpark
      Posted at 01:11h, 01 October Reply

      Looking forward to meeting you!

  • Michelle Johnsen
    Posted at 13:14h, 30 May Reply

    Awesome post. Love this!

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