Welcome to Lancaster Transplant

About Us

We are movers, shakers and peacemakers


We love this city and we’re here to tell you why you should too


Let's collaborate to make something great


Feel free to drop us a line, any time

What We Do

We share stories

Stories of Lancaster, stories of being a new person in a new city and stories of living in this wonderful place.

We spread the word

Grassroots at its best, we tell you what’s happening in our wonderful city.

Support Transplants

New residents need a place to start, someone who knows the ins and outs and a community to grow in. We’re here for you.

We connect people

We facilitate meaningful connections within our community. Business to business, individuals to individuals, volunteering opportunities, friendships.

Empower others

We invite everyone to share their talents, passions and creative ideas.

Make others happy

Whether you’re a Transplant or a Local, we strive to build a healthy, happy and inclusive culture within Lancaster’s larger community.