01 Nov Goodbye to 214

Moving is hard.

To look up and see all the pieces of the life that you’ve built just scattered around you. The skeleton of what once was lies disassembled, waiting to be put back together, bone by bone.

I’ve moved many times in my life and it’s never been easy. I’ve moved cities, continents and comfort zones. Each time I pack different things in different boxes. Each time I can’t believe how much I’ve accumulated over the past X years.

This time is a bit different.

We’re moving house. Transplant is pulling up its roots and moving onward into the unknown. Material possessions are being stored in garages across the city and in the homes of friends who will foster the magic.

In our three short years of being, I could never imagine that we’d accumulate so much love and support, eleven team members, a growing Transplant community, creative ideas and long-lasting partnerships. After celebrating our third birthday in September it became apparent that we have grown far larger than just our friends and a simple blog.

Transplant has become a living, breathing thing.

For our first birthday we had too much cake and not enough friends to share it with. On our second birthday, Diane and I celebrated quietly with a cocktail and duck fat fries. This year we had the majority of our team and a healthy gathering of Transplants sharing ice cream and hugs.

And I am so looking forward to our fourth birthday.

If you’re wondering why we’re leaving, I’d ask you to remember the last time you have found yourself folding, taping and packing. Was it for work? Play? Love? Or was it for the great and open opportunity of getting to start over and to become something new; growing into your own and fulfilling your dreams.

Just think now how bits and pieces of my our dream now surround you: On the east side of town, on the west side of town and places in between. These pieces of Transplant are being sent into the ether with the hopes that one day soon they’ll come to land for good.

So for now, just join us in the magic as we float from place to place until we finally come home to land.

One day soon our feet touch the ground and we will walk confidently into our future together as a community, as Transplants. And then we’ll build a home once more.

  • Jon Coren
    Posted at 16:42h, 04 November Reply

    How do I contact you and Diane in the ether when I need a hug?

  • Jon Coren
    Posted at 16:43h, 04 November Reply

    How do I contact Jocelyn and Diane in the ether when I need a hug…lol

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