21 Jul Strawberry Days

It’s almost impossible for me to be sad during strawberry time. There are very few unbreakable family traditions in my life – we moved a lot, my parents were always up for something new, happy improvising with every season – but we never missed the chance to pick strawberries.

Two weeks after giving birth to her youngest, in fact, Mom hauled us all out to the you-pick strawberry place. Apparently I took my responsibilities as the oldest (4), very seriously that day – scolding the 2-year-old for eating instead of picking, and racing back to the end of the row to check on the newborn every few minutes.

Every year that we’ve picked strawberries in Lancaster County, it’s rained. Three years running we’ve come back soaked with a few gallons of sweet red globes.

Today we made it home from Kreider’s a few hours before it poured, and our son was able to enjoy a few fresh fruits. He liked – for a while – taking a berry from our hands and throwing it into the box.  Then he wanted to be carried and go home for his nap.

We always eat shortcake for dinner on strawberry day (with whole green onions and salt as a side dish in deference to my husband’s family tradition. I know, it’s weird).

As an adult, I understand a little better why my mother might have held so tightly to this one thing, this first summer tradition. It’s been a long winter, but here and now, we celebrate getting muddy and wet, the sweet taste of the earth resurrecting itself one more time. We acknowledge that we’re rooted to this place, maybe not as tightly as the plants spun out in rows across the farm, but still – we’re partners to our place.


Get together with Mackenzie and her son to get your sprout(s) out ‘n’ about!

Introducing our newest initiative Sprout ‘n’ About for Transplant parents! We’ll gather for the first time to meet, play and undoubtedly share some hugs.

The Details

Date | Tues, July 28

Place | Overlook Park

Time | Drop by between 9 – 11

Dried fruits and pretzels provided. Balloon marks the spot.

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