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10 Apr Meditation

Have you noticed how soft the ground feels under your feet these days?  Pieces of the skyline beginning to vanish from your view as branches covered in blossoms reach a little further upward than they had only yesterday.  Mornings full of sunshine and birdsong now...

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10 Feb Date Yourself

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and before you roll your eyes or immediately picture cheaply made stuffed animals holding hearts inscribed with overused terms of endearment, hear me out. There are lots of important things going on in the world right now--things that we need to...

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12 Aug Summer Downtown

Summertime.  This is the season that finds my heart full of wanderlust.  The moment the temperature ticks over the 80 degree mark, I am ready to hit the road.  Bring me the beach, the top of a crisp mountain, an open fire in the middle of...

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