10 Apr Meditation

Have you noticed how soft the ground feels under your feet these days?  Pieces of the skyline beginning to vanish from your view as branches covered in blossoms reach a little further upward than they had only yesterday.  Mornings full of sunshine and birdsong now instead of snow.  You see your breath less but know it’s there, steadying this season of turning over.

Welcome to Spring.  Welcome to life’s light switch.  Welcome to potential energy, soon to be kinetic.  This is the season of planning, planting, building, making.  This is brand new.

Where will you go?  Who will you help?  Where will you create?  What will you plant in your backyard?  In your heart?  In the minds of those who see life differently than you do?  Who will you touch?  How will you move?  What will you cast away to make new?  How can you be more like the earth below you waking up?

As Transplants, we are no strangers to adapting to new places.  We know how to walk through changes.  We understand how to shed skins, and we know how much room letting go makes.  So, let’s let our winters burn off in the sun and the new growth propel us forward as we explore the ways in which we make our marks.

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