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What We Do
  1. New people come to town and feel lonely.
  2. These lonely people meet Transplant.
  3. They learn new things, meet new friends, find community, fall in love, have creative ideas and make meaningful connections.
  4. All these things make one happy Transplant.















Our Mission

We are a resource for new people in a new place. We build community creatively, share stories, go on adventures and strive to nurture an open and welcoming culture.



The Story

What started as a blog has grown into so much more.

Lancaster Transplant was created as a platform to connect and share stories from a Transplant’s perspective.  Once we started sharing, it seemed like a fun idea to get people together, to mix and mingle and really get to know each other. From there it seemed only natural to explore and to share adventures together, so we took field trips, went on hikes and rode bikes together.


Now we are a growing community and a virtual and physical resource for people just getting started in their new home. Because let’s face it, it’s hard meeting people in a new city.


Now you have a place to start.




Watch some of our new friends tell us what Lancaster Transplant means to them.