Dearest Transplant Family,

Since the beginning of the year, we, like many of you, had big plans. Those plans came with expectations of what we were going to accomplish, all the amazing events and experiences we were going to create, and all the fun things ahead in 2020. Then we collectively went through disruptions that shook us to our core: we’re experiencing a pandemic of unseen proportions, we’re breaking down systems of oppression, and we’re inevitably wondering “what’s next?”

As a team, we’ve decided to embrace the “what’s next” and lovingly take it into a moment of pause and reflection. We know that now more than ever is a time for connection after spending so much time apart. We know that during the past few months, and for the foreseeable future, Transplants will be eager for connection. However, at this time, we believe that it’s unsafe to continue to actively bring people together for shared experiences. At a time where we cannot ensure everyone’s safety in our care, we are making the decision to bring our program to a close.

Together with our sister Hub, Seattle Transplant, we’ve made the decision to pause our events and membership program as of August 1st. Our system was built before Covid-19 came to our community, and in this opportunity for self-reflection, we’re taking some time to reimagine what our Transplant community could look like in the future. Just like you, we don’t have many knowns at this point, which can feel a little uncertain. What we do know is this community is strong and resilient, and we’re thankful for it every day.

So we implore you to stop what you’re doing, take a seat if you are able, and join us in a moment of pause. We’re not sure when we’ll see you again, but we do intend to come together again once it’s safe to do so.

Hopefully “Goodbye for now” will turn into “We’re ready to welcome you back” one day soon.

Much love,

The Transplant Team
(Jocelyn, Diggs, and Abby)