Sunday, October 28th | 1 PM | Meeting Place TBD
$5 for non-members | Trustees/Members FREE


Ahoy Transpet Mommies and Daddies!


Once again, it’s time to get together and celebrate our love of Lanc with our beloved furry friends. Join us for our Transpet Scavenger hunt!


All your pet needs is you (duh!), some friends, and an Instagram account! If you don’t have a pup or friends, you can still join! We’ll set you up with some other newbies.


We’ll give you a list of random people, places, and things to photograph and a window of time. At stake is a handsome, hand-created trophy recognizing you as the CHAMPION. And really, aren’t you a champion?


We’ll end the hunt with our friends at The Fridge.

For complete details, rules, and electronic love, register online below!