Jan. 11 | 7p | Thistle Finch Distillery | 417 W. Grant St.

We have a very private teepee, a typewriter, and an idea that we think you’ll identify with.

The idea? That none of us need to carry our secrets, our guilt, or our baggage into another year. And, that by ditching those things, we leave more room for other things in our lives…like true genuine connection, friendship, and forgiveness.

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Family Circus Day
Jan. 14th | 2 – 4 PM | $15 | Lancaster Art Studios |
411 W King St.

We are partnering withThe Circus School of Lancaster  to offer a Circus Day for the entire family to enjoy! They are opening their space to explore the different areas of circus in a light, fun way that will be accessible for everyone, including but not limited to; the rolla bolla, acrobalance, hula hooping, juggling, clowning etc.

$15 per family [Transplant Member discount available.]

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