How will I know who the transplant people are if I show up at an event?

They’re usually the weird ones. No, in all seriousness, just ask people where they’re from…you might be surprised by the answer.


How can I describe what Lancaster Transplant is in one sentence?

We are a resource for Transplants, aka new people in a new town.

If you need a follow up sentence:

It’s a group of people who get together and explore their new home, share common interests and creative pursuits with one another and share their stories of coming to Lancaster.


What is a Transplant?

A Transplant is someone who has moved to a new place. A Transplant is also someone who grew up in a town, moved away and returned.


Do I have to be a Transplant to be part of the community?

Absolutely not! Everyone is invited to join us, Local or Transplant, young or old, purple, orange or cyan.


Who makes all the pretty pictures?

Jocelyn. She is an artist and designer at heart


What do you guys do, anyway?

We go on hikes, we ride bikes, we learn together, we share stories…we build community creatively.
…Or did you mean for our day jobs? ‘Cause that’s a secret.


How can I support Transplant?

Join the community! Volunteer with us. Attend an event. Buy some swag.


Where are you located?

We currently reside in our houses, cafes and the city at large.


Can we work together?

Sure! Send us an email and tell us what you’re thinking.


Can we hang out?

Absolutely! Just join us for any of our events.


Can I write for you?

We would LOVE that! Check out the Creative Brief, here.


Are you only interested in art projects?

No, we’re interested in all kinds of stuff. But we believe public art is a way to create discussion within the community, is a vehicle to inspire others and allows people to think creatively.