How can I describe what Lancaster Transplant is in one sentence?

We are a resource for new people in a new place.

If you need a follow up sentence:
We’re a community organization that brings people together to explore their new home, share common interests and creative pursuits, and connect with each others’ stories of coming to Lancaster.


So, you’re a Social Enterprise?

That’s right, Lancaster Transplant is a Social Enterprise and not a non-profit. “A Social Enterprise is a market-based, income-generating enterprise that aims to solve a social and/or environmental problem through its business activities” – Assets PA

We believe that you don’t have to be a non-profit to do good work within the community. Our organization is supported by our members, our events, and our merchandise. We’re run by a dedicated team of volunteers who believe in the positive impact of connecting new people to their new home.


Who is a Transplant?

A Transplant is someone who has moved to a new place. A Transplant is also someone who grew up in a town, moved away and returned. (We call them Replants.)


Who can be part of the community?

Everyone. Local or Transplant. Young or old. Purple, orange or cyan. Connect, reconnect, or get more deeply involved with us!


What do you guys do, anyway?

We go on hikes, we ride bikes, we learn together, we share stories…we build community creatively.


How can I support Transplant?

Join the community! Become a member. Volunteer with us. Attend an event. Buy some swag.


Where are you located?

We currently reside in our houses, cafes and the city at large. That is, our home base is this city. If you’d like to get in touch, send us an email or reach out on social media!


Can we work together?

Sure! Send us an email and tell us what you’re thinking.


You seem cool, can we hang out?

Absolutely! Just join us for any of our events.