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We invite you to share your love and experience of Lancaster, PA We invite you to share your perspective as a Transplant or Local. Whether you’ve lived here for a few months, a few years, your whole life or are just passing through, we invite you to share your stories, travels, first impressions, people you’ve met, the things you can’t live without. Share it all.

You can write once, you can write twice, you can write a whole series if you’re feeling ambitious.


We are looking for bloggers who would like to write in the following categories:

  • Food/Drink
  • Music
  • Day Trips
  • Art
  • Bikes
  • Festivals/Events
  • Living in Lancaster
  • History of Lancaster
  • Stories of your neighborhood
  • Suggest your own topics


Make sure to read a few entries on the blog to get a feel for the voice of Transplant. We welcome positive and enthusiastic perspectives on the every day. We welcome criticism that leads to positive growth, that inspires a change in thought, that gives a voice to that which was previously unheard.



Submission Requirements

Minimum word limit is haiku length, maximum is negotiable. 250 – 500 words is preferred. Photo essays, poems, artwork, songs, anything and everything is welcome!


Each Guest Composer will be added to the website, if they wish, and will need to complete a short profile and provide a profile picture and a featured image for their story.


Accepted formats include Word, Google Docs, or email.

All stories can be submitted to



The Fine Print

All content belongs to you, and will not be used in any way without your permission.


Your submissions will be proofed to some extent to ensure they meet our guidelines. Submitting your story to us in not a guarantee that it will appear on our website.


If your story is chosen for posting, you will be informed of the date it is scheduled to be published.


If you have any further questions, contact


Welcome to Lancaster, Transplant.