19 Feb Membership Announcement

Dear Friends of Lancaster Transplant,

Diggs here. For those that do not know me, I play the role of Membership Master on the Transplant leadership team. I also happen to have the distinction of being Transplant Member (now Trustee) number 3, the first non-family member of our co-founders to hitch up to this burgeoning idea. I took a chance on a vision of a connected community of people who had just one thing in common, a love for welcoming new perspectives to our fair Red Rose city.

Now 4 ½ years on, that vision has become a reality, and continues to grow(welcome Seattle)! For us to continue into the future, we need to keep pace with the reality of running a social enterprise venture like ours. To that end we’re announcing an increase in our membership dues to take effect Monday, March 5th:

  • The monthly membership will increase from $5 to $7.
  • The couples monthly membership will increase from $8 to $10.
    • Purchasing a monthly membership before March 5th locks in the soon to be old rate for 3 months.
  • The annual individual membership will increase from $45 to $60.
  • The annual couples membership will increase from $80 to $100.


Members have access to discounts around the city including, but not limited to, Aussie and the Fox, Dutchware Gear, and Splits & Giggles. We host member only gatherings, work with friends around the city to offer discounts on their cool events (we recently had a flash sale to The Common Wheel’s Winter Chill, just for our members) and we’re always looking to add value to our member’s commitment to our vision of a connected community.

Also, we’re excited to announce a new membership package that will be available to new annual members beginning March 5th. In addition to the perks of your annual membership, we’ll toss in a Transplant mug and t-shirt for $85 for an individual, or $150 for a couple…that’s a $10 and $20 savings respectively off the non-member price for the mug and t-shirt! After your first year, you’ll be back to the regular annual rate.

If you’ve been on the fence, now is the time to take the plunge…join the growing Transplant family, we can’t wait to welcome you with open arms!

Thanks for reading!

Membership Master, Lancaster Transplant

p.s: Jocelyn, our fearless leader, wholeheartedly approves this message.

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