09 Jul My First Time on the A.T.

Clark’s Ferry to Peters Mountain Summit // Appalachian Trail

We needed to get outta town, and fast. An agreed cup of coffee and egg sandwich brekkie to get our asses out of bed by 8am: check. A plethora of superfood snacks as our sweet reward after we eventually hiked to the summit: check. Jessdog lounging in the back of the Subaru like a sultan: check.  And we were off, headed towards Harrisburg and the trail head tucked below Clark’s Ferry Bridge.

We crossed paths with backpackers headed to various rest stops along the way; undeterred by the misty, rainy 4th of July weather. “Yeti” (aka Nick) sounded like he might have hailed from Texas. A couple requested that we please put a stop to the weather and we said we’d do our best.  A family asked us, on our way back down the mountain, what they had to look forward to at the summit;  a lot of fog,  we said, but beautiful still.

We hiked seven miles or so from start to finish, from the lot to the summit, then back out the way we came. Five hours of a slow, deliberate meditation on Mother Nature, the terrain changing in lovely and subtle ways. Meandering paths on flat, forested land transforming into rock piles painted with moss. Suppose I’ll let the trail tell you the rest. (And, next time, how about we all go together?)


Want to get there?

Head to Clark’s Ferry Bridge, get off at the 147 exit and you’ll see a parking lot as you wind towards 147.

Take me to the Google Map, yo


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