04 Feb The Art of the Party

When Jocelyn and I started scheming and daydreaming our plan for the Transplant Winter Mixer we knew a few things to be absolutely true:


#1    There is a whole lotta love in this community to Make It Happen


#2    If you build [a teepee] they will come, oh yes, they will come.


#3    And, providing the right combination of delightful apple-ginger whiskey sours from rijuice and a little candlelight, even the nervous newcomer will be able to relax and enjoy herself.


A few phone calls later, we had the stellar venue, Discerning Eyes Center for the Arts, the cocktail recipe, the beer from Wacker Brewing Company, the tasty treats from beloved Aussie and the Fox, and the tunes from the elusive Wood Crate Productions. We even had a preview of the upcoming show at DECA featuring collages from artist Clinton Reckart. Shew!

But my wheels were still turning… Hawa is giving us the space to transform DECA, to flex our creative muscles a bit, beyond just planning a killer party.  And, as artists with a growing organization, we want to demonstrate our passion about things like collaborative, accessible art, green initiatives, and sharing this kind of space with our cool, creative and innovative community.  Not to mention how much we love to get together with old and new friends to PLAY! Whenever possible! To go on metaphorical or actual adventures. To collectively channel our inner mischief-makers…

One open art workshop at Fulton Street Co-op, giant stacks of newspaper, lotsa hot glue, buckets ‘o low VOC paint and soooo many glass bottles later, new friends were made, whimsy was embraced, and our Lancaster Transplant Mixer’s aesthetic was defined, thanks to many helping hands. What once was a dirty drop cloth became a teepee (currently set up in my bedroom much to the chagrin of my gentleman). What was once six months of recycling became the contemporary backdrop for an art gallery. Ninty-nine-canary-yellow-bottles-o-beer-on-the-wall. But these ideas were not born of my imagination alone, of course.

Months ago, Aaron Schifflit of Fulton Street Arts Co-op and Cullen and Zach of riJuice and I envisioned using a bazillion glass bottles to create a temporary public arts installation. Later, Jocelyn and I brainstormed with Martha Good of Lancaster Unity (an organization aimed at promoting community involvement through volunteer opportunities and community events) about installing trash cans in blighted neighborhoods around Lancaster, cleaning up the streets in an inclusive and empowering way. These conversations and brainstorming sessions carved out the opportunity to create and hold space for these ideas, to daydream about the future but not forget to enjoy the moments we have now…

Making art. Making change. Making friends.

Check out the video about our creative task-force below huge thanks to  Lee Tomassetti!

And some lovely shots of the Interactive Installation at the Mixer here, big love to Nikki Weems!


pARTy on.

x diane


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